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We have listed just a few usage possibilities for the different models, but these can be used in a variaty of purposes. Contact us and tell us to what purpose you are looking for a grass.


Turffi 35

ARtificial grass Turffi35 Turf.fi

Usage: Gardens, Putting green roughs, Adventure golf rough, public areas, exhibitions.


Turffi 13

Keinonurmi Turffi13 turf.fi

Usage: Putting, Minigolf courses, Adventure Golf fairways, Gym, Sports, Public areas, exhibitions.


Turffi 24

Artificial grass Turffi 24 green turf.fi Artificial grass Turffi 24 red Artificial grass Turffi 24 blue Artificial grass Turffi 24 yellow

Usage: Playgrounds, sports areas, public areas, exhibitions.


Turffi Custom

Artificial grass Custom made Turf.fi

We are also able to produce inexpensive custom made artificial grass.


Turffi Shock Pad

Artificial grass shock pad for playgrounds and parkour_Turffi Shock Pad 25

Usage: Safety shock pad for playgrounds and parkour.


Seaming tape

Seaming Tape

Usage: Artificial grass seams.


Henko R300 polyurethane adhesive

Turf.fi -polyuretaaniliimaturf.fi -polyuretaaniliima

Usage: Artificial grass.


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