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Jo Val Oy 7.12.2015

Delivery Terms

Products are delivered from our warehouse in Kaarina, Finland. It is also possible to pick up the products when agreed in advance.

Rolls that are not full rolls will be delivered in no more than two pieces.

Cutting and packing costs of 55 EUR (VAT 0%) will be added to each order.

Freight costs will be added to the price.

The customer is responsible for unloading the goods from the truck at the delivery site.



Jo Val Oy 7.12.2015

Artificial Grass Warranty

If the artificial grass surface manufactured and supplied proves to be defective in materials or workmanship, resulting in premature wear during normal use of the product, within three (3) years from the date of delivery, or suffer significant fading, breakdown or dergadation due to exposure to natural ultraviolet rayes within eight (8) year period, supplier will, at its sole option either: 1)repair or replace the affected area without charge to the purchaser, or 2) issue a credit equal to the cost of the artificial grass material only.

The warranty does not cover wear of the grass due to heavy use of the grass or wearing due to inproper site conditions or inproper installation of the grass. Accidents, vandalism, chemical substances, cigarettes, floods, fire, misuse and other similar acts affecting the artificial grass is discluded from this warranty.

The suplliers must be informed immediately after defects have been noticed.